Six week dance series will run June 18th- August 3rd

(excludes July 2nd-6th)


For weekly summer classes, students may purchase punch cards. The cards are kept at the studio to prevent them getting lost or misplaced. You may purchase punch cards with cash/check/PayPal. 

Punch cards are not available during the Fall or Spring semester.

You may use punch cards for any class in your age range/skill level and do not have to take the same classes from week to week.

We are waiving a registration fee for the Summer Dance Series. If you do not use the full punch card, remaining hours can be used during the fall semester. No refunds given. *Class descriptions are listed below.


1 hr class = $20

1.5 hr class = $25

6 classes = $110

12 classes = $220

15 classes = $275


Back to School -Start the year off on the right foot!

When: August 6-10th                                Time: 9a-12p

Cost $175                                                Ages: 5-8 years

Dust off your dance shoes and get back into the swing of things. Dancers will work on Ballet, Jazz, Improv, Strength & Flexibility and maybe even get a little FUNky! Emphasis on Fun of course :) !! Dancers will have performance on Friday. Dress will be leotard, tights, ballet and jazz shoes. Cost includes snack as well as arts & craft project.


Ballet: 60 min class will focus on proper ballet technique. Dress will include tights and leotard/fitted tank/sports bras and booty shorts as well as ballet shoes. Ages 9-12y

Leaps & Turns: 90 min class will include 45 min Contemporary Ballet warm-up as well as focus on Leaps and Turn technique along with choreography. Dancers will need to bring all shoes to class. Dress includes tights and leotards/fitted tanks/sports bras and booty shorts. Age 13+

Hip Hop: 90 min class focusing on hip hop choreography and technique including body isolations and foot work. Dress is comfortable clothing you can dance in. Tennis shoes may be worn. Ages 13+

Lyrical/Contemporary: 90 min class focusing on choreography and technique including fluidity of movement, poise, body mechanics and emotion. Dress includes leotard/fitted tank/sports bra and booty shorts. Shoes will be foot undies or jazz shoes. Ages 13+ *60 min class available for ages 9-12y

Strength & Flexibility: 90 min class focusing on increasing total body strength, core stabilization and increasing overall flexibility including focus on hips, low back and hamstrings. May be barefoot, but please bring jazz shoes or foot undies as well.

Student Choreography: 90 min class allowing the students an introduction to creating, setting and showing their own choreography under teacher guidance. Students will work on improv skills as well as setting choreography pieces/phrases on 2, 3 and 4 students. Shoes will be foot undies or jazz shoes.

*Please note if you are attending classes other than Hip Hop, you will need to be in proper attire and may add/remove layers for other classes. Leotards/sports bra/fitted tank and booty shorts will be worn in all other classes. Please bring appropriate shoes for each class.