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Danceology Studios Summer Session 2023

Classes run June 5th-Aug 4th 

(Please see registration instructions below)





  • All classes - $20

  • 10 class punch card - $190       

We are waiving the registration fee for the Summer Session. 

Class size will be limited to 15 dancers, so no drop-ins will be allowed. 

Payment via PayPal will secure your spot in the class 

and you can reserve your spot up to one week in advance.  

Simply make payment via PayPal and send email to studio stating dancer's name and class(es) for that day and they will be added to the roster. You can register daily or up to one week. If dancer is unable to make class after payment is made, they can carry payment over to next class.

**Please note registration for each day will ONLY be open from 8a-3p!!**

Website home page will be updated hourly until class is full each day. 

After 3p or once class is marked CLOSED, you will be able to register for next available class

Dancers will need to bring their own water bottle.

*If you do not see a class listed you are interested in, please let us know*


Leaps & Turns Class will include Contemporary Ballet warm-up as well as focus on Leaps and Turn technique along with choreography. Dancers will need to bring all shoes to class. Dress includes tights, leotards/fitted tanks/sports bras and booty shorts. 

Jazz: Class will focus on overall jazz technique including turns, tricks and stage presence. Dress includes leotard/fitted tank/sports bra and booty shorts. Shoes will be jazz shoes (any color). 

Hip Hop: Class focusing on hip hop choreography and technique including body isolation and foot work. Dress is comfortable clothing you can dance in. Tennis shoes may be worn. 

Drill Prep: Class focusing on skills necessary to make HS drill team including leaps, kicks, splits, turns and choreography. Dress includes leotard or fitted tank, booty shorts and jazz shoes. 

Lyrical/Contemporary: Class focusing on choreography and technique including fluidity of movement, poise, body mechanics and emotion. Dress includes leotard/fitted tank/sports bra and booty shorts. Shoes will be foot undies or jazz shoes. 

Strength & Flexibility: Class focusing on increasing total body strength, core stabilization and increasing overall flexibility including focus on hips, low back and hamstrings. May be barefoot, but please bring jazz shoes or foot undies as well.

Jazz/Hip Hop (12 and under classes): Class will focus on jazz technique as well as learning body isolation and foot work. Each week will be a different theme! Dress is comfortable clothing you can dance in. Tennis shoes may be worn.

*Please note if you are attending classes other than Hip Hop, you will need to be in proper attire and may add/remove layers for other classes. Leotards/sports bra/fitted tank and booty shorts will be worn in all other classes. Please bring appropriate shoes for each class.